LaserLite® IPL Portable Hair Removal

Remove Unwanted Hair EASY, FAST & Pain FREE. LaserLite® Is Your Own Home Laser Treatment

Is shaving LONG and TIRING? Plus WAXING & LASER visits costing you lots of money?

You NEED LaserLite® IPL Portable Hair Removal which is ENDORSED & APPROVED by many leading DERMATOLOGISTSwhich gives you SILKY SMOOTH hair free skin in as little as 5-12 weeks

It works on ALL types of skin helping you remove hair from the ROOT from your legs, arms, face, bikini, armpit, belly and MORE in a matter of minutes TOTALLY PAIN-FREE!

Has 5 different settings to suit you! Features a POWERFULquartz bulb which has 300,000 flashes (10 YEARS) lifespan - experience up to 90% HAIR REDUCTION

How great would it be to have NO MORErazor cuts, NO MORE painful waxing, redness or irritation - Just SMOOTHskin at the comfort of your HOME

Save yourself TIME, EFFORT and MONEY with this Portable Laser Hair Removal. Leaves your skin feeling soft, silky smooth and moisturized. 

Suitable for MEN & WOMEN

Why do things the HARD way when you DON'T have to?
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LIMITED STOCK - Only 50 Units Available
May take 1-4 weeks to arrive due to high demand.


      Package includes:

      • 1 x LaserLite® IPL Portable Hair Removal
      • 1 x Charger
      • 1 x Manual