Lash Lift® Home Lash Lifting System

Get LUSCIOUS & SEXY Long Lashes WITHOUT Using Fake Lashes!

Are you TIREDof buying fake lashes that annoy your eyes? Want a way to get NATURAL looking long sexy lashes?
Well you NEED to try this Lash Lift® Home Lash Lifting System® which drastically INCREASESyour eyelashes leaving them looking AMAZING

It works by using a 4-Step lifting system that EXTENDS your eyelashes by for MAXIMUM volume. The best part? It's 100% NATURAL, no mascara, no false lashes, just your TRUE beauty!

It's EASY TO USE so you can get a sexy look in SECONDS - Simply apply the 4-Step system and watch the TRANSFORMATION. It's provides LONG LASTING results (1-2 months)

How GREATwould it be to get LENGTHENED lashes WITHOUT spending money on fake lashes all of the time ? Plus NO FLAKING either!

SUITABLEfor ALL skin types and NON-IRRITATING & HYPOALLERGENIC. What sexy lashes? Well what are you waiting for !?
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LIMITED STOCK - Only 50 Units Available
May take 1-4 weeks to arrive due to high demand.



    • Use the cleanser to clean off oil, dirt and residue from eyes
    • Apply the eye pads onto the lids close to the lash line
    • Apply the glue on the eyelash to keep it secure on the pads
    • Let set for one minute
    • Use the #1 Perm Lotion on the lashes and let sit for 8-12 minutes
    • Use the #2 fixing agent on the eyelash, let sit for 8-12 minutes
    • Clean the eyelashes and lift pads with cleanser, and apply #3 nutrition lotion to the eyelashes
    • Use the cleaning solution to clean off all residue.
    • Done! Enjoy your beautiful curled lashes for up to 8 weeks!   

      Package includes:

      • 10 x Silicon Lift Pads
      • 1 x Cleansing Agent
      • 1 x Perming Agent
      • 1 x Fixation Agent
      • 1 x Nourishing Agent
      • 1 x Lash Glue
      • 1 x Silicon Lift Pads
      • 3 x Cleansing Tools
      • 1 x Instructions