Cordless Garden Trimmer® - SAVE 60% TODAY

KEEP Your Garden Looking Beautiful WITHOUT The Hassle Of Traditional Trimmers

Always wanted a nice garden but taking out the old trimmers is HASSLE?
This Cordless Garden Trimmer® is the EASIEST and far more EFFICIENT way to snip away unwanted weeds, over growth grass and much MORE! 

NO need for the HASSLE of wires, extension leads or motor cords! The Zippy Trimmer is CORDLESS and PORTABLEtaking all of the RPMpower of traditional trimmers and shrinking it into your POCKET

It also comes with an EXTENSIONpole and DEBRIS SHIELD. The Zippy Trimmer can be used with ANYstandard zip ties (24 included).  

SAVE money and get your garden looking GREAT WITHOUTbuying expensive trimmers. Requires 3 AAA batteries (Not included)

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LIMITED STOCK - Only 50 Units Available
May take 1 - 4 weeks to arrive due to high demand.


    Package includes:

    • 1 x Cordless Garden Trimmer®
    • 1 x Extention Pole
    • 1 x Debris Shield
    • 24 x Zip Ties