EasyGrafter™ Garden Grafting Tool

CLONE Your Favourite Fruit Trees/Plants With EASE With This EasyGrafter™



Imagine CLONING  your favourite fruit trees over and over again and PRUNING  in seconds !


Bring your grafting experience to the next level! Introducing the EasyGrafter™ Garden Grafting Tool. This tool lets you combine parts from two different trees to form a single, functioning individual. The benefit? An exact GENETIC  duplicate of the superior tree!


That means, if you have one tree that harvests AMAZING  fruit each year, you can create an EXACT  copy by using this grafting technique an effectively double or TRIPLE  your harvest.


Grafted fruit trees also bloom & produce SOONER  than those that are propagated by seeds - which, by the way, don't produce genetically identical offspring.



That's not all, these are DIFFERENT  from traditional grafting tools, this product does pruning and grafting at the SAME  time, easy to use and more EFFICIENT


This tool ALLOWSyou to quickly create omega/V/U style grafts with its precise, sharp blade. Even a novice can create perfect grafts with EASE. The grafting blade is ABLEto cut through stock up to 12 mm in diameter. IDEAL  for removing leaves, twigs, and stems without changing the tool.


MAKING a perfect cut for grafting is impossible without professional tools. So get yourself the RIGHT  tools for this summer and keep your garden and harvest blooming !

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    Package Includes:

    • 1 x EasyGrafter™ Garden Grafting Tool
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