Make Gift Box Easily!

Not good at cutting paper with scissors? Find it difficult to store paper?


With our Revolutionary Christmas Wrapping Paper Cutter, you could get the Ultimate Solution!


It gives you the power to cut a perfect piece of wrapping paper every time.


This cutter has a razor built into it that easily cuts any type of wrapping paper.


Just place it around any tube of wrapping paper, and slide it down to cut

 It also doubles down as an organizer for easy storage


You can use it on birthdays, festivals, parties, any occasion where you need paper decoration.


Your Best Assistant for Christmas Gift Wrapping!


Here is how it works step by step.

1. Slide Christmas Wrapping Paper Cutter over the wrapping paper. Remember the device is flexible so it can be used on any size roll of paper.

2. Pull a sheet of paper through the larger slot in the device.

3. Once the sheet of paper is the desired length, slide Christmas Wrapping Paper Cutter to the end of the roll allowing the paper to drop into the slot where the blade is embedded.

4. Now gently push Christmas Wrapping Paper Cutter forward to cleanly cut the paper.

5. Once the slice is complete, simply bring Christmas Wrapping Paper Cutter back to the center of the wrapping paper. It doubles as an organizer! Your paper will not roll away or become unorganized.




Silky-Smooth Wrapping Paper Cuts Every Time


Flexible Hinge, Embedded Blade


Easy to Use, Lightweight, and Fast


Efficient, and Saves You Time


Safety Lip, Durable Plastic


No More Wrapping Paper Wastage




Material: ABS


Size:12 X 8 X 8cm/4.7" X 3.1" X 3.1"


Color: Green, White, Black



Package Includes:
1 x Cuts In Seconds™ Christmas Wrapping Paper Cutter

    May take 1-4 weeks to arrive due to high demand.

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