HeadProtection™ Sunscreen Cooling Hat

Stay Cool And Protected From The Sun While Enjoying Your Time Outdoors!



TIRED  of the harsh rays of the sun making you hot, flustered while you're trying to enjoy the outdoors or get jobs done? Well, you NEED this!


Our REVOLUTIONARY  Cooling Hat REFLECTS 99% of UV rays and has an evaporative cooling liner that is activated with water. Wearing this hat can help you experience the temperature 20° COOLER  than outside. 


AVOID  heat stroke and severe dehydration through sweating due to the heat of the sun. Stay cool and protect yourself



So now you can ENJOY  your outdoor tasks WITHOUT overheating this this summer. Whether you love gardening, landscaping, hiking, fishing, backpacking etc, this hat is ESSENTIAL


Its made from the durable, breathable and lightweight material with military standard certification, this HeadProtection™ Sunscreen Cooling Hat is a MUST-HAVE. 


The SECRET is the evaporative cooling inner liner, which is an ADVANCED hydro-cooling technology system. Simply wet the evaporative lining and put on the sun hat, you can get an INSTANT cooling effect and stay comfortable through the day while outdoors


Enjoy more time in the sun WITHOUT  any worry !

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LIMITED STOCK - Only 50 Units Available


    Package Includes:

    • 1 x HeadProtection™ Sunscreen Cooling Hat

    May take 1-4 weeks to arrive due to high demand.