NappyBackpack™ Mummy Maternity Bag

BE READY No Matter Where You Are!


Are you STRUGGLING to find a multi-functional bag that can bring all the essential stuff for your baby during vacation or outdoor activities? 
Well, you NEED this NappyBackpack™ Mummy Maternity Bag! PERFECT functionalities for every mom to be equipped for their baby's needs.

Mummy Bag Functions: 

. It is CONVENIENT for the mother and baby to travel. 

Clear separation of internal structures. 

Comprehensive function and large capacity. 

ADJUSTABLE: Can hang on the baby carriage, meet any needs. 

    Graffiti style makes the mom more FASHIONABLE.

Paper extraction pocket on the side, it is more HYGIENIC to take out the paper.
Special milk bottle DIVISION, front milk bottle bag, separate the clothes, tin foil keeps WARM

Wet objects bag, WATERPROOF and easy to clean. 

MULTIPLEpockets design, LARGE capacity. 


Lifting parts:
Soft handle 

Size: 40 X 25 X 18cm/15.7X 9.8 X 7.08" (L X W X H) 

Inner structure: Zipper pocket 

Shape: Vertical square 
(Can put bottles, baby clothes, diapers, milk powder cans, thermo cups, tissues, etc) 

Back method: Shoulder bag/backpack/handbag/hanging the baby carriage 

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LIMITED STOCK - Only 50 Units Available


    Package Includes:

    • 1 x NappyBackpack™ Mummy Maternity Bag
    May take 1-4 weeks to arrive due to high demand.