Roll-Up™ Foldable Drying Rack

Everyday Kitchen Task Just Got Easier!

TIRED of getting slowed down by menial tasks such as drying? THIS RACK IS FOR YOU! Roll-Up™ Foldable Drying Racks are IDEAL for drying your dishes and cluttering countertops. NO MORE stains, messy countertops or leaving items on dish towels because now Water can drip off dishes and directly into the sink with air-flow technology to promote drying for dishes.

MADE of stainless steel and silicone, so you can expect it to last for a long time. Moreover, the Roll-Up™ Foldable Drying Rack is HEAT-RESISTANT so you can also use it when roasting. It's PERFECTfor defrosting and washing too!

Just roll out over any standard kitchen sink and when you’re done with it, you can simply ROLL IT back up and store it away in the cupboard or drawer, SAVING your valuable counter space. Ready to breeze through some of the time-consuming kitchen tasks? Grab the Roll-Up™ Foldable Drying Rack today! 

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LIMITED STOCK - Only 50 Units Available


    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Roll-Up™ Foldable Drying Rack
    May take 1-4 weeks to arrive due to high demand.