SafetyBelt™ Maternity Seat Belt Adjuster

Keep Yourself And Your Baby SAFE Easily & Comfortably!

Do pregnant women really NEED a special seat belt? A big YESHaving a seat belt on during pregnancy is extremely uncomfortable for pregnant women. The pressure against your belly can be unhealthy to the baby. The SafetyBelt™ Maternity Seat Belt Adjuster offers the PERFECT solution to this issue! 

This  SafetyBelt™ Maternity Seat Belt Adjuster PREVENTS a vehicle's belt from riding up over your baby bump to help protect mothers-to-be and their unborn baby during car travel. MAKES the belt sits across the thighs, instead of over the belly which causes much discomfort for growing bellies. It ALLOWS a pregnant driver to focus on driving, as well as MAKES pregnant passenger more comfortable and safer. 

It is EASY to install and doesn't take extra time to unstrap and re-strap and is practical for daily use. The SafetyBelt™ Maternity Seat Belt Adjuster CANbe fastened tightly in a car seat, it's not movable, and no matter your size, it works! Also, it is PERFECT for Recovery. ANYONE who just gone through an abdominal surgery, stomach surgery or cesarean section will be able to heal properly without a belt damaging the wound.

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    Package Includes:

    • 1 x SafetyBelt™ Maternity Seat Belt Adjuster
    May take 1-4 weeks to arrive due to high demand.