Tweeze-IT™ Hair Removal Epilator

REMOVE Unwanted Hair In SECONDS!

Are you constantly annoyed by unwanted hair stubbles?

Before you go pluck, wax or shave them all off... STOP!!! There’s a BETTER way to remove unwanted body hair!

This Tweeze-IT™ Hair Removal Epilator removes hair from the root fast and easy!

MAKES your hair removal sessions are a lot easier and less stressful. With a simple swipe, you can remove hair without pain at all.

Best hair removal system as it GENTLY removes hair from the root. It helps you avoid ingrown hair and stubbles caused by shaving.

This little yet POWERFUL device can remove hair as short as 0.5mm. So you don’t need to wait for hair to grow out too long especially when you have a date night coming up!

SAFE to use even on sensitive body parts which means you can enjoy flawless skin from head to toe. PERFECT to use for your underarms, bikini line, upper lip and other sensitive parts of the body.

    Cordless, rechargeable and safe to use for both wet and dry hair removal sessions.

    Ergonomically-designed to fit your hand with ease and glide around hard to reach areas of the body.

      Be hair-free for up to FOUR WEEKS! This makes it convenient for you to choose your clothing!

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          Package Includes:

          • 1 x Tweeze-IT™ Hair Removal Epilator
          May take 1-4 weeks to arrive due to high demand.